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  • IGCSE Sociology gives you fascinating insight into the study of people in society. You will look at the individual, group and societal levels and how they interact.

    Guest access: IGCSE Sociology
  • IGCSE Travel and Tourism will give you an understanding of this fast paced and exciting industry. Both great if you are considering a career in this area or you have a passing interest.

    Guest access: IGCSE Travel and Tourism
  • IGCSE Mathematics is a fundamental building block of education. You will cover core mathematical concepts like numbers, equations, sequences, geometry, vectors and statistics.

    Guest access:  IGCSE Mathematics
  • IGCSE History gives you insight into the present social economic and political climate by understanding the events that led up to it, particularly those of the 20th century.

    Guest access: IGCSE History
  • IGCSE Geography is a great building block to A-Levels but also an interesting subject in its own right. You will cover subjects as diverse as river environments to globalisation and migration.

    Guest access: IGCSE Geography
  • IGCSE English will widen your vocabulary and improve your punctuation and spelling as well as your grammar. You will work with literary and non-literary material as well as contemporary media.

    Guest access: IGCSE English
  • This IGCSE Business Studies course is a great introduction to the fascinating subject of business. If you are looking for an understanding of business fundamentals or wish to study business at A-Level, then this is the course for you.

    Guest access: IGCSE Business Studies
  • IGCSE Mathematics is a fundamental building block of education. You will cover core mathematical concepts like numbers, equations, sequences, geometry, vectors and statistics.

  • Sociology is the study of people and society and this A-Level is a fascinating introduction to the subject. You will develop transferable skills including qualitative and quantitative research as well as data collection and analysis, as well as more general academic skills. You will find this engaging A-Level will build valuable skills for the job market as well as academic studies.

    Guest access: A-Level Sociology
  • A Level Religious Studies is an excellent choice for those with an interest in religion, or those who want to combine this A Level with other A Level options like Philosophy or History. This A Level is also ideal for those who want to study Religion or Theology at university level.

    Guest access: A-Level Religious Studies
  • A Level Pure Mathematics is a rigorous and highly respected course leading onto further studies in science, computing and engineering as well as in mathematics. This challenging subject develops a sound understanding of mathematical fundamentals and builds from prior work.

    Guest access: A-Level Pure Mathematics
  • Psychology is an engaging and interesting subject and is valuable across a range of careers, professions and of course in higher education. Psychology is the study of the mind, and if you are fascinated by people this is the course for you. You will explore different psychological conditions, their causes and their treatments.

    Guest access: A-Level Psychology
  • A Level Philosophy is a brilliant introduction to core philosophical themes and approaches. You will study the fundamental problems of philosophy including the nature of god, as well as exploring philosophers like Descartes and Kant and their ideologies.

    Guest access: A-Level Philosophy
  • A Level Maths with Statistics is the perfect course for those who are looking at studying engineering, maths, programming, or science at higher education level. It is also a great partner course to biology, sociology and psychology at A Level.

    Guest access: A-Level Maths with Statistics
  • History is a fascinating subject, where you can explore the past and it’s impact on today. It builds critical thinking and investigation skills which will benefit you both in higher education and as a life skill. This great course will engage you and open up doors to further learning opportunities.

    Guest access: A-Level History
  • Are you intrigued by politics? Curious about government? Planning a career in the civil service? Then A Level Government and Politics is the course for you. It is the perfect course for those looking to deepen their understanding of the world we live in, as well as those looking to study the subject at university level.

    Guest access: A-Level Government and Politics
  • Have you got a deep appreciation of our planet? Keen to find out more about the big rock we live on? Then A Level Geography would be a great choice for you. This course doesn’t just give you a comprehensive understanding of the geographic environment but explores how people interact with it and the impact we make.

    Guest access: A-Level Geography
  • Understanding the planet we live on, and the holistic issues associated, is becoming not just a life skill but a major commercial focus. This course is ideal for those who want to embark in careers in ecology, conservation and marine biology.

    Guest access: A-Level Environmental Studies
  • Do you love literature? Are you passionate about reading? Do you want pursue literature at university level? Then this A Level in Literature is the ideal course for you.

    Guest access: A-Level English Literature
  • English Language and Literature combines both the literary and linguistic sides of English. English is considered a core skill by both universities and employers. This A-Level shows analysis, creative thinking, in-depth research techniques, and reading comprehension.

    Guest access: A-Level English Language & Literature
  • Economics is valuable subject to study, it gives you an understanding of how the financial world works. Understanding the economic environment is useful in almost any role or career and will be a lasting skill, setting you apart from the competition. This is a engaging and fascinating course that covers both micro and macro economics.

    Guest access: A-Level Economics
  • The ancient societies of Greece and Rome have fascinated subsequent ages for thousands of years. This course will explore the ancient world and show you how it has shaped and contributed to the world of today.

    Guest access:  A-Level Classical Civilisation
  • Social responsibility and being an aware citizen are powerful ways students can play an informed and effective part in society. This course doesn’t just cover citizenship at a local level, but examines what it means in a global context.

    Guest access: A-Level Citizenship
  • Business is the ultimate life skill. Understanding the cut and thrust of how the world works gives you a real advantage in any career. In this course you will study a wide range of business subjects both in the UK and globally. A fantastic wide introduction to the subject that will give you great preparation for your career.

    Guest access: A-Level Business
  • An A level in accounting is the perfect first step towards a potentially lucrative career in accountancy or the financial sector. It also demonstrates a strong numerical grounding in business finance, valuable for any career in business or for any budding entrepreneur.

    Guest access: A-Level Accountancy
  • BusinessThe Edexcel BTEC Level 5 HND in Business provides a specialist work-related programme of study that covers the key knowledge, understanding and practical skills required in the business sector and also offers particular specialist emphasis through the choice of specialist units. The Edexcel BTEC Level 5 HND in Business provides opportunities for learners to apply their knowledge and practical skills in the workplace. Full-time learners have the opportunity to do this through formal work placements or part-time employment experience. The qualification prepares learners for employment in the business sector and will be suitable for learners who have already decided that they wish to enter this area of work. The Edexcel BTEC Level 5 HND in Business offers a progression route for learners studying the Edexcel BTEC Level 5 HND will be able to progress to a degree in business.


    Guest access: HND in Business
  • If you are looking to be the best user of the Sage software in your accounts department then completing the Level 3 Sage 50 Accounts course will teach you all the most advanced skills. Building on all that you covered in the Level 1 and 2 courses, you will have the most comprehensive understanding of how to use the platform to keep the books, maintain payroll, track financial performance and produce the full accounts.

    Guest access: Sage 50 Accounts L3
  • The next step in developing your career in bookkeeping or accounts, this Sage 50 Accounts course continues on from the Level 1 course, drilling deeper into the accounts process and the amazingly useful tools that the Sage platform provides.

    Guest access: Sage 50 Accounts L2
  • Sage is the number one accounting and payroll software used by businesses both large and small to keep the books and track financial performance. This Sage course will take you to the next level of the software, as well as teaching you the skills needed to become a bookkeeper.

    Guest access: Sage 50 Accounts L1
  • If you want to be a registered PRINCE2 Practitioner then this is the perfect course for you. You will have advanced project management skills, which will help supercharge your career, or give you the opportunity to move into project management.

    Guest access: PRINCE2 Practitioners
  • Are you interested in Project Management? Keen to change careers, or get ahead in your current role. Then PRINCE2 is a fantastic option. This course will introduce you to the PRINCE2 method and you will be able to show you understand the principles and terminology by the end of the course.

    Guest access: PRINCE2 Foundation
  • Good management is essential for business because people are the most import resource that we have. Understanding how to bring the best out in your team, how to gently steer without being heavy-handed and how to make the best decisions quickly, are key skills for any manager or team leader to develop and aspire towards.

    Guest access: Business Management L3
  • Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to bookkeeping? Perhaps for your own business or for a friend or family member’s? Then this is the ideal course for you. You will gain a thorough understanding of bookkeeping including record keeping, account transactions, double entry bookkeeping and the calculation of VAT..

    PayPal: Bookkeeping L1 & L2Guest access: Bookkeeping L1 & L2
  • Have you got an interest in websites? Do you appreciate a well-designed site which functions well? Would you like to run your own business designing sites for others? Then this is the course for you.

    Guest access: Beginners Web Design L3
  • BTEC Level 7 Professional qualifications in Strategic Management and Leadership are designed to provide focused and specialist vocational short courses, linked to professional body requirements and National Occupational Standards where appropriate, with a clear work-related emphasis. The qualifications provide short vocational programmes of study that meet the individual needs of learners. There is a strong emphasis on practical skills development alongside the development of requisite knowledge and understanding in the sector. They are particularly suitable for more mature learners who wish to follow a short programme of study that is directly related to their work experience or to an aspect of employment that they wish to move into in due course. On successful completion of these qualifications, national recognition by employers enables learners to progress into or within employment and/or continue their study in the vocational area. Learners are able to progress across the range of Level 7 qualifications, from Award to Certificate to Diploma to Extended Diploma. These BTEC qualifications also support Continuing Professional Development (CPD), as well as enabling sideways progression to Masters degrees, such as an MBA, or a Level 7 NVQ in Management.

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    Guest access: EDSL (Extended diploma in strategic and leadership management)
  • In order to climb up the career ladder, higher qualifications are an absolute necessity. An MBA course in particular is a sound investment which delivers tangible results and improves your future career prospects significantly. Our MBA (Top-Up) inclusive of Diploma in Executive Management programme teaches students how to achieve managerial success by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and abilities to tackle common obstacles faced in today’s global landscape.

    This programme is a two-step process. First students must successfully complete the Qualifi Diploma in Executive Management. Then on, students will be accepted into the MBA (Top-Up) programme awarded by Anglia Ruskin University.

    About Anglia Ruskin University:

    Students from Anglia Ruskin University benefit from great employment prospects. Over 90% of graduates are in employment or further study six months after graduating, making Anglia Ruskin University second only to the University of Cambridge in this respect. Anglia Ruskin University has over 30,000 students, and is one of the largest universities in the east of England.