A-Levels are the gold-standard international qualification for school-leavers, indicating that students have achieved high standards of learning and can confidently proceed into further study at university or college level, or have skills valuable to the labour market.

A-Levels are generally completed in two years, the first year counting as an AS Level and the second year as an A2 Level, which combined form the A-Level qualification.

  • Sociology is the study of people and society and this A-Level is a fascinating introduction to the subject. You will develop transferable skills including qualitative and quantitative research as well as data collection and analysis, as well as more general academic skills. You will find this engaging A-Level will build valuable skills for the job market as well as academic studies.

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  • A Level Religious Studies is an excellent choice for those with an interest in religion, or those who want to combine this A Level with other A Level options like Philosophy or History. This A Level is also ideal for those who want to study Religion or Theology at university level.

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  • A Level Pure Mathematics is a rigorous and highly respected course leading onto further studies in science, computing and engineering as well as in mathematics. This challenging subject develops a sound understanding of mathematical fundamentals and builds from prior work.

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  • Psychology is an engaging and interesting subject and is valuable across a range of careers, professions and of course in higher education. Psychology is the study of the mind, and if you are fascinated by people this is the course for you. You will explore different psychological conditions, their causes and their treatments.

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  • Physics literally means ‘the knowledge of nature’ and studying physics provides a fundamental understanding of the world around you. It’s a fascinating field including everything from Quantum Phenomena to Astrophysics.

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  • A Level Philosophy is a brilliant introduction to core philosophical themes and approaches. You will study the fundamental problems of philosophy including the nature of god, as well as exploring philosophers like Descartes and Kant and their ideologies.

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  • A Level Maths with Statistics is the perfect course for those who are looking at studying engineering, maths, programming, or science at higher education level. It is also a great partner course to biology, sociology and psychology at A Level.

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  • History is a fascinating subject, where you can explore the past and it’s impact on today. It builds critical thinking and investigation skills which will benefit you both in higher education and as a life skill. This great course will engage you and open up doors to further learning opportunities.

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  • Are you intrigued by politics? Curious about government? Planning a career in the civil service? Then A Level Government and Politics is the course for you. It is the perfect course for those looking to deepen their understanding of the world we live in, as well as those looking to study the subject at university level.

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  • Have you got a deep appreciation of our planet? Keen to find out more about the big rock we live on? Then A Level Geography would be a great choice for you. This course doesn’t just give you a comprehensive understanding of the geographic environment but explores how people interact with it and the impact we make.

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  • Understanding the planet we live on, and the holistic issues associated, is becoming not just a life skill but a major commercial focus. This course is ideal for those who want to embark in careers in ecology, conservation and marine biology.

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  • Do you love literature? Are you passionate about reading? Do you want pursue literature at university level? Then this A Level in Literature is the ideal course for you.

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  • English Language and Literature combines both the literary and linguistic sides of English. English is considered a core skill by both universities and employers. This A-Level shows analysis, creative thinking, in-depth research techniques, and reading comprehension.

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  • Economics is valuable subject to study, it gives you an understanding of how the financial world works. Understanding the economic environment is useful in almost any role or career and will be a lasting skill, setting you apart from the competition. This is a engaging and fascinating course that covers both micro and macro economics.

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  • The ancient societies of Greece and Rome have fascinated subsequent ages for thousands of years. This course will explore the ancient world and show you how it has shaped and contributed to the world of today.

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  • Social responsibility and being an aware citizen are powerful ways students can play an informed and effective part in society. This course doesn’t just cover citizenship at a local level, but examines what it means in a global context.

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  • Studying chemistry is a great introduction to all science and provides a powerful understanding of how the world is made up. Chemistry is literally the study of matter, how it changes, its composition as well as its structure and properties.

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  • Business is the ultimate life skill. Understanding the cut and thrust of how the world works gives you a real advantage in any career. In this course you will study a wide range of business subjects both in the UK and globally. A fantastic wide introduction to the subject that will give you great preparation for your career.

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  • An A level in accounting is the perfect first step towards a potentially lucrative career in accountancy or the financial sector. It also demonstrates a strong numerical grounding in business finance, valuable for any career in business or for any budding entrepreneur.

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  • Biology is an introduction to the way life on our planet works. It’s an essential for those planning to pursue a career in medicine, work with animals or in the marine environment. This qualification opens doors to higher education, and is lasting proof on your CV of this level of intensive learning.

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