Weekly outline

  • Childcare & Education (VRQ) L3

    Assistants in the classroom, nursery or youth centre have become essential to the work of educators. Without this additional support, each child’s education would suffer, as there would not be adequate resources to provide individual teaching and encouragement for each young person.

    • Course Description

      Cache Level 3 Certificate Childcare and Education (VRQ)

      Course code: PROF31

      Delivery method: Paper based pack

      Course duration: 12 months (180 guided learning hours)

      Entry requirements: No prior qualification required

      Award achieved: Level 3 Cache Certificate Childcare and Education

      Awarding body: Cache (Qualification Code 601/3998/7)

      Assistants in the classroom, nursery or youth centre have become essential to the work of educators. Without this additional support, each child’s education would suffer, as there would not be adequate resources to provide individual teaching and encouragement for each young person.

      Whether you are already working in schools and looking to consolidate your experience with a formal qualification, or are looking to change careers and work in this rewarding profession, there is no more important job than the nurturing and education of children.

    • Level 3 certificate childcare and education overview

      Skills gained

      • Detailed understanding of the main areas of child development from birth through early years, including a focus on ‘holistic’ development.
      • Specialist knowledge of theories that underpin early years educational framework.
      • A thorough grounding in children’s health and well-being.

      Course outline

      This course is comprised of two compulsory units:

      Unit 1: Child development from conception to seven years

      Unit 2: Children’s Health and Well-being

      Course content

      Unit 1: Child development from conception to seven years

      Module 1: Stages of development from conception to birth

      Module 2: Prenatal, postnatal and routine checks carried out in first year of life

      Module 3: Factors that impact the development of the baby

      Module 4: Stages and sequences of development from birth to seven years

      Module 5: ‘Holistic’ development

      Module 6: Factors that influence child development

      Module 7: Theoretical perspectives in relation to development

      Module 8: How theoretical perspectives relating to child development inform current frameworks

      Module 9: The role of early years’ practitioner when promoting child development

      Module 10: The role of early years practitioner in supporting ‘holistic’ development

      Module 11: How working in partnership enhances children’s learning and development and values parents’/carers’ contributions

      Module 12: Plan opportunities for children from birth to five years in relation to all aspects of development


      Unit 2: Children’s Health and Well-being

      Module 1: The process of attachment and how secure relationships are developed

      Module 2: The role of the key person in promoting emotional well-being in relation to current frameworks

      Module 3: Analyse the impact of secure relationships on a child’s well-being

      Module 4: Understanding the needs of children during transition and significant events

      Module 5: Understand the physical care needs of children

      Module 6: The impact of the early years environment on the health and well-being of children

      Module 7: The nutritional needs of children

      Module 8: The impact of poor diet on children’s health and well-being

      Module 9: Understanding the need for children’s exercise



      This course has no formal exams, however, your dedicated tutor will mark a number of tutor marked assessments (TMAs) to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the course materials, providing important feedback and help with any trickier aspects of the course. In addition, you will complete a range of self-assessments that ensure you understand the materials as you learn.

      These are for your own information and do not need to be shown to your course tutor.

      Method of study

      This course is currently available in paper-based format, therefore, you will receive the full course materials as well as a useful study guide.

      Your study guide is crammed full of tips and information to help you get the most out of the learning experience, student skills, techniques for writing your assessment answers and instructions for submitting your TMAs online for marking by your specialist tutor.

      Tutor support

      This Children and Education course comes with tutor feedback and support by email for 12 months. You tutor will mark your TMAs and provide valuable guidance whenever required, so that you are always able to progress and get the most out of the learning materials.

      You will also receive a study guide to help you with all aspects of studying, essay writing and general student skills.

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