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  • Logistics and Transport L2

    • Course Description

      Level 2 Certificate in Logistics and Transport (IoSCM)

      Course code: PROF13

      Delivery method: Online

      Course duration: 12 months (100 guided learning hours)

      Entry requirements: Minimum 2 years experience in logistics and transport related field

      Award achieved: Level 2 Certificate in Logistics and Transport

      Awarding body: SFEDI (Qualification code: 601/322/92)

      Technological advancement has made the international transportation of goods not only affordable but also necessary to business growth. Even small to medium enterprises often import or export products to expand their market reach or to cut costs of production.

      This Logistics and Transport course will give you the skills and expert knowledge required to enter this increasingly important sector, allowing you to step your career up a gear with in-demand skills, increasingly relevant in our global economy.

    • Level 2 certificate in logistics and transport course overview

      Skills gained

      • Thorough grounding in the complexities and practicalities of logistics, as well as the handling and distribution of goods and the governing bodies regulating transit both at home and internationally.
      • Specialist knowledge of international trade, use of ports, supply chain management, warehousing and inventory control and the health and safety regulations involved.
      • Understanding the purchasing process from start to finish, including a focus on customer service.

      Course outline

      This course is divided into 2 mandatory units and a minimum of 6 credits from optional units:

      Mandatory Units

      Unit 1: Logistics

      Unit 2: Movement of Goods

      Optional Units

      Unit 3: International Trade and Freight

      Unit 4: Ports and Shipping

      Unit 5: Supply Chain

      Unit 6: Customer Service

      Unit 7: Purchasing

      Unit 8: Warehousing and Inventory

      Unit 9: Health and Safety in a Warehouse Environment

      Course content

      Mandatory Units

      Unit 1: Logistics (2 credits)

      Module 1: Understand the function of logistics

      Module 2: Logistics activities used by organisations

      Module 3: Effective contribution to a business in the logistics sector

      Unit 2: Movement of Goods (5 credits)

      Module 1: How characteristics of goods impact on handling process

      Module 2: Concepts of route planning and scheduling

      Module 3: Characteristics of modes of transportation

      Module 4: The role of collection, storage and distribution

      Module 5: Regulatory & enforcement bodies for movement of goods in own country

      Optional Units

      Unit 3: International Trade and Freight (5 credits)

      Module 1: Understand trade & freight

      Module 2: How to identify goods to be traded

      Module 3: How to obtain information on goods being traded

      Module 3: Identify, select & recommend suitable modes of transport

      Module 4: Identify instructions for goods to be transported

      Module 5: Identify problems that can occur in international trade

      Unit 4: Ports and Shipping (2 credits)

      Module 1: Understand the function of ports and shipping

      Module 2: Understand the role of ports and shipping

      Module 3: Policies & procedures that affect ports & shipping

      Module 4: Understand how to monitor ports & shipping

      Unit 5: Supply Chain (5 credits)

      Module 1: Understand supply chains across a range of sectors

      Module 2: The roles of other organisations in supply chains

      Module 3: Communication and information sources within a supply chain

      Unit 6: Customer Service (5 credits)

      Module 1: Principles of customer service

      Module 2: Meeting the needs of a diverse range of customer types

      Module 3: Policies & procedures for developing & maintaining effective relationships with customers

      Module 4: The importance of evaluating levels of customer service

      Unit 7: Purchasing (5 credits)

      Module 1: Features of the procurement & purchasing function

      Module 2: Stages of the purchasing process

      Module 3: Concept of supply market information

      Module 4: Monitoring supplier performance

      Module 5: Importance of a contract in purchasing relevant to own country

      Unit 8: Warehousing and Inventory (5 credits)

      Module 1: Purpose & characteristics of inventory

      Module 2: Understand how goods are received in a warehouse

      Module 3: Understand key warehousing activities

      Module 4: Health & safety arrangements in a warehouse environment

      Unit 9: Health and Safety in a Warehouse Environment (3 credits)

      Module 1: Legislation in warehousing & storage environments

      Module 2: Legal requirements for storage & distribution of specific goods & materials

      Module 3: How risk in the workplace affects roles & responsibilities

      Module 4: Responding to incidents in the workplace

      Module 5: PPE within a warehousing & storage environment


      This course has no formal exams, however, your dedicated tutor will mark a number of tutor marked assessments (TMAs) to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the course materials, providing important feedback and help with any trickier aspects of the course. In addition, you will complete a range of self-assessments that ensure you understand the materials as you learn.

      These are for your own information and do not need to be shown to your course tutor.

      Method of study


      You will use the advanced IoSCM online learning platform, which has everything you need to enjoy and pass your Logistics and Transport course.

      You will learn in a first-class learning environment, with the ability to create your own personalised profile as well as having access to learning resources and study materials.

      You will also interact with other students in the members’ areas, taking complete control of your own study routes and monitoring your own progress at a pace you enjoy.

      Tutor support

      This Logistics and Transport course comes with tutor feedback and support by email for 12 months. You tutor will mark your TMAs and provide valuable guidance whenever required, so that you are always able to progress and get the most out of the learning materials. You will also receive a study guide to help you with all aspects of studying, essay writing and general student skills.

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