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  • Dog Grooming L3

    Do you want a flexible career that gives you the opportunity to work with animals? Then this is the course for you. Dogs are amazing creatures and keeping them looking as beautiful as possible is a lucrative occupation.

    • Course Description

      Level 3 Certificate in Dog Grooming

      Course code: RETR02

      Delivery method: Paper based pack

      Course duration: 12 Months

      Entry requirements: No prior qualification required

      Award achieved: ABC Level 3 Completion Certificate in Dog Grooming

      Awarding body: ABC

      Do you want a flexible career that gives you the opportunity to work with animals? Then this is the course for you. Dogs are amazing creatures and keeping them looking as beautiful as possible is a lucrative occupation.

      This course not only gives you step by step training on dog grooming, it has invaluable advice on how to start a business. We have also teamed up with Chadkirk Dog Grooming so you can take a practical course after you have completed your theory.

    • Level 3 certificate in dog grooming course overview

      Upon successful completion of the course you will have achieved a Certificate of Achievement from ABC awards and a Learner Unit Summary.

      Skills gained

      • A comprehensive understanding of the relationship between humans and dogs, and how this has progressed over time.
      • A wide understanding of the different breeds of dogs and how grooming techniques must be adapted for each breed.
      • The assessment of a dogs personality so grooming can be as easy and hassle free as possible.
      • The ability to be speedy whilst showing significant attention to detail.
      • The business side of dog grooming.

      Course outline

      This course is divided into 12 units:

      Unit 1: History

      Unit 2: Breeds

      Unit 3: Coats

      Unit 4: Further Coats

      Unit 5: Equipment Required

      Unit 6: Working with dogs

      Unit 7: Grooming

      Unit 8: Terriers

      Unit 9: Spaniels

      Unit 10: Setters

      Unit 11: Drop coat breeds

      Unit 12: Business

      Course content

      Unit 1: History

      Module 1: Man’s history with dogs

      Module 2: The history of dog grooming

      Module 3: The dog grooming profession

      Unit 2: Breeds

      Module 1: Dog breeds

      Module 2: Breed recognition

      Module 3: Dog anatomy and physiology

      Module 4: Dog diseases

      Module 4: First aid

      Unit 3: Coats

      Module 1: Types of coat

      Module 2: Smooth coat breeds

      Module 3: Short coat breeds

      Module 4: Double coat breed

      Module 5: Long and silky coat breeds

      Module 6: Harsh and wiry cost breeds

      Module 7: Curly and woolly breeds

      Module 8: Corded coated breeds

      Unit 4: Further Coats

      Module 1: Types of coat

      Module 2: Short coat breeds

      Module 3: Long coat breeds

      Module 4: Designer breeds

      Unit 5: Equipment, Maintenance & Clothing

      Module 1: Clippers

      Module 2: Blades

      Module 3: Shears

      Module 4: Scissors

      Module 5: Equipment Maintenance

      Module 6: Uniforms and Protective Clothing

      Module 7: Protective Equipment

      Module 8: Products Required

      Module 9: Price Lists

      Module 10: Suppliers Information

      Unit 6: Working with dogs

      Module 1: Safety measures

      Module 2: Dog psychology

      Module 3: Dog control

      Module 4: Pre-bath

      Module 5: Post-bath

      Unit 7: Grooming

      Module 1: Grooming

      Module 2: Dealing with double coats

      Module 3: Professional grooming shortcuts

      Module 5: Working with puppies

      Module 6: Working with senior dogs

      Unit 8: Terriers

      Module 1: Terrier trims

      Module 2: Head details

      Module 3: Body details

      Module 5: Hand striping

      Module 6: Terrier breeds

      Unit 9: Spaniels

      Module 1: Spaniel breed trims

      Module 2: Types of spaniels

      Module 3: Types of poodles

      Unit 10: Setters

      Module 1: Setter breeds

      Module 2: Setter trims

      Unit 11: Drop coat breeds

      Module 1: Drop coat trims

      Module 2: Drop coat breeds

      Module 3: Trouble shooting

      Unit 12: Business

      Module 1: The law and you

      Module 2: Health and safety

      Module 3: First aid

      Module 4: Setting up a business

      Module 5: Accessories

      Module 6: Finances

      Module 7: Choosing premises

      Module 8: Salon design

      Module 9: Insurance

      Module 10: Business plan

      Module 11: Business profile

      Module 12: Business portfolio


      This course has no exams, instead there will be a number of tutor marked assessments (TMAs) to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the course materials, with the tutor sending comments to guide you through any areas of potential difficulty, as well as a range of self-assessments that are indicators that you understand the materials as you work through them.

      These are for your own information and do not need to be shown to your course tutor.

      Method of study

      Paper based pack

      We will send a study pack to you by courier, including your course materials and a study guide to help you through the student process.

      However, tutor marked assessments are only accepted online, rather than by post.

      Tutor support

      Our dog grooming course come with tutor feedback and support by email for 12 months. They will mark your TMAs and provide valuable guidance through any trickier parts of the course whenever you need it. You will also receive a study guide to help you with all aspects of studying, essay writing and general student skills.

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