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    Nail Technician L3

    Are you creative? Would you like a flexible career that makes the most of your talents? Then why not consider becoming a nail technician. Jobs satisfaction in the industry is high and you will be able to either run your own businesses or work with other professionals in salon.

    • Course Description

      ABC Level 3 Certificate Nail Technician

      Course code: RETR01

      Delivery method: Paper based pack

      Course duration: 12 Months

      Entry requirements: No prior qualification required

      Award achieved: ABC Level 3 Completion Certificate Nail Technician

      Awarding body: ABC

      Are you creative? Would you like a flexible career that makes the most of your talents? Then why not consider becoming a nail technician. Job satisfaction in the industry is high and you will be able to either run your own businesses or work with other professionals in salon context.

      This is a great profession for those who love working with people and enjoy variety and the opportunity to be artistic. At the end of this course we have a optional 2 hour practical training seminar via Skype this costs £99 and will give you Membership of the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists.

    • Level 3 certificate nail technician course overview

      Upon successful completion of the course you will have achieved a Certificate of Achievement from ABC awards and a Learner Unit Summary.

      Skills gained

      • Setting up a business
      • Health and safety as well as physiology and anatomy
      • Manicures and pedicures
      • Acrylic nails, gel nails and nail art and wraps

      Course outline

      This course is divided into 4 units:

      Unit 1: Health and safety

      Unit 2: Description of Nail Parts

      Unit 3: Manicure & Pedicure

      Unit 4: Acrylic, Gel Nails, Nail Art and Wraps

      Course content

      Unit 1: Health and safety

      Module 1: Over-exposure

      Module 2: Working with effective ventilation

      Module 3: Cross infection and hygiene

      Module 4: Anatomy of the nail

      Unit 2: Description of Nail Parts

      Module 1: The growth of the nail

      Module 2: Skin and nail disorders

      Module 3: Nail infection

      Unit 3: Manicure & Pedicure

      Module 1: Client consultation

      Module 2: Nail technician supplies

      Module 3: Choosing a nail shape

      Module 4: Performing a manicure

      Module 5: Male manicure

      Module 6: Luxury treatments

      Module 7: Pedicure

      Module 8: Foot massage

      Unit 4: Acrylic, Gel Nails, Nail Art and Wraps

      Module 1: Types of nail extensions

      Module 2: Nail cosmetics and preparations

      Module 3: The consultation/client treatment plans

      Module 4: Setting up a nail station

      Module 5: Preparing the client

      Module 6: Tip application

      Module 7: Gel Nails

      Module 8: Fibreglass and silk overlays

      Module 9: Liquid and powder systems

      Module 10: Sculpted nail enhancements

      Module 11: Nail shapes

      Module 12: Safe and gentle product removal

      Module 13: Problem solving

      Free Nail Kit

      • Cuticle Nipper
      • Nail Scissors / Straight Shank 9cm
      • Cuticle Knife / Stainless Steel
      • 10 x Thick Emery Boards
      • 10 x 6? Manicure Sticks
      • Rubber Ended Hoof Stick
      • Plastic Nail Brush
      • Nail Buffer Chamois, 12cm
      • Concave
      • Manicure Bowl
      • Nail Clipper 80mm
      • Big Foot File
      • French Manicure Kit
      • Cuticle Oil 15ml
      • Base Coat 15ml
      • Quick Dry Top Coat 15ml
      • Nail Varnish – Classic Red
      • Nail Varnish – Pink Pearl
      • Nail Varnish – Chocolate Pearl
      • Clear Spatula 15cm
      • Paraffin Wax Brush 2?
      • Skintruth Nail Buffing Cream
      • Cuticle Massage Cream
      • Creamy Cuticle Remover


      This course has no exams, instead there will be a number of tutor marked assessments (TMAs) to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the course materials, with the tutor sending comments to guide you through any areas of potential difficulty, as well as a range of self-assessments that are indicators that you understand the materials as you work through them. These are for your own information, and do not need to be shown to your course tutor.

      Extra qualification by taking a 2 hour practical training assessment via Skype. This will give you an Assessment Certification in Acrylic & Gel Certified Associated Beauty Therapists (ABT) and enable you to acquire personal indemnity insurance.

      Duration: 2 hours

      Time: Monday Through Friday

      Cost: £99

      Method of study

      Paper based pack

      We will send a study pack to you by courier, including your course materials, nail kit and a study guide to help you through the student process.

      However, tutor marked assessments are only accepted online, rather than by post.

      Tutor support

      Our nail technician courses come with tutor feedback and support by email for 12 months. They will mark your TMAs and provide valuable guidance through any trickier parts of the course whenever you need it. You will also receive a study guide to help you with all aspects of studying, essay writing and general student skills.

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